Disfear – Live the Storm

Disfear – Live the Storm (Relapse Records)

Now, Disfear is one of the bands that have improved drastically over the years by means of «development» contracts and that is how they’ve achieved to be incredibly successful. Thomas Lindberg joined the band in 1998 as a vocalist and managed to draw attention to the band – as curiosity commands – while I personally consider Disfear is the most suitable band Tompa has ever joined. In their fourth album, Swedish Disfear grows stronger by the addition of Uffe Cenderlund, Entombed guitarist of mythical proportions, releasing the most successful album of their career, to date.

I was particularly curious to hear “Live the Storm” since “Misanthropic Generation” was one of the last projects Mieszko Talarczyk produced. However, life goes on and Disfear traveled to Godcity Studios of Converge’s Kurt Ballou, to record the album and I can say that they’ve come out winners from the risk since, sound-wise, the album is astonishing; remarkable volume in both electric and bass guitars, with a killing set of drums which accommodates to the max the D-beat speed of Disfear. What’s best with this album is that Ballou brings out a certain Motorhead aura by his mix, making the album sound louder and faster, like a shot. Apart from the sound engineering, there are other changes. Not unexpected since Uffe – a guru of his kind – is an active member of the band. The guy is a master of his kind. It was known from his work like Haystack and “Same Difference” which he wrote all the music. He has added his own distinctive touch (fans of Entombed will absolutely love this), he has brought new life to the band, some times by means of spiritual melodies, solos, slides, and other times with gang vocals joined by Thomas. The latter spits his guts out on the microphone by ways he knows best (read the epic “Testament” lyrics, “we are the revolution/the dead by dreaming youth/a generation steering into the bloody luck of truth”) winning the applause and the reason that will make somebody check this record out, for his name only.

I didn’t expect Relapse to release such a huge record, but on the other hand the Swedish are restless musicians so this is its best crust ‘n’roll release. Whichever track you choose to listen, there is not chance in hell – if you like crust – that you don’t follow Disfear’s rhythm. Great minds think alike and the only thing we can expect is even better results and exhilaration.

~ by Θ. on 2009/01/16.

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