Young Widows – Old Wounds

Young Widows – Old Wounds (Temporary Residence)

It’s funny ‘cause when I heard “Old Wounds” in the first place I didn’t like it at all. But having spent so many hours listening to the previous effort “Settle Down City” which was more like a bomb in my head, I noticed that something was wrong, either with me or with the band. Finally the band won.

Young Widows has a really interesting hardcore background and the part that crushes is that this group has separated itself so much from the hardcore days, retaining the craftsmanship for gaining consciousness. It’s like you meeting someone close to you after some years and you notice that this dude has nothing to do with the spoiled kid you once avoided for some reasons. This is called maturity and hey dudes, Young Widows is no exception. It definitely takes some time to immobilize their thing in your head ‘cause the players aint no joking; they are  fuckin’ candid. First time you notice this, is when you push play to listen to the record. The guys traveled to Godcity Studios of Kurt Ballou’s fame in order to present a record that first of all is an example of record engineering, managed to fix a sound that is both entertaining, whether the tapes are from studio or from a live environment; it fuckin’ kills.

The drums are so huge it makes you think the man is playing on your home’s carpet and you actually see and feel this man as he is punishing the drums in front of you. A great idea seemes to have taken place here, as the drum set is heard like it’s recorded two times simultaneously. The bassist has a sound of his own. He is the man that catches the aura and makes it work with the other organs. Everyone there is playing their own thing while in the end what you hear seems like a glued rock! Evan Patterson is the man responsible for the guitar work as also for the vocals and he is doing more than a perfect job. He plays the Telecaster in a really strange way, combining noise rock patterns and grunge philosophy only to provide absolute power driven chords that are somehow called songs. Listen to the riff at the “Old Skin”; this is like a country riff completely camouflaged! The man is playing always when the song tells him to do so; it’s unbelievable. But the thing is that everybody in this band is doing that. A terrific minimal and effective way of thinking and playing. This is really, really hard to do and you have to be like really focused to do this.

Evan’s voice has developed much. As he does with the guitar, the same goes with the vocals. A lot of the vocal lines are ingenious. The result is a completely sung record. I still cannot understand how they thought this whole thing. Maybe they didn’t think of it at all in the first place; maybe this thing is called music chemistry; I don’t know. What I know for sure is that Young Widows is here to present its point of view regarding how indie rock should be played in the end of this decade. The Heat is Here to Stay. Thank you.

~ by Θ. on 2009/01/16.

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