Albums we liked circa 08 pt. II.

1. Pivot – O Soundtrack of my Heart

Battles just found their rivals. The organic blends with the digital and the result is exquisite. And danceable.

2. Virus – The Black Flux

A flux indeed. Many albums have been labeled as surreal or lynchean, I think that’s the only one that actually deserves the characterization.

3. Intronaut – Prehistoricisms

Huge, precise, atavistic as fuck. An instinctual approach to complex music. These men know their craft.

4. Autistic Daughters – Uneasy Flowers

I imagine that when A.D. play live, there’s a neon sign above the stage, simply stating ‘HUSH’. Hush, then, because this is silent, discreet, and demands your attention by all means.

5. Fennesz – Black Sea / Fennesz + Brandlmayr + Dafeldecker – Till the old world’s blown up and a new one is created

Fennesz breaks his 4-year quasi-absence, recruits some of the most talented and far-sighted musicians out there and releases his two best full-lengths.

6. Sunn O))) – Domkirke

O’Malley’s and Anderson’s pots rarely reach boiling point; everything is about the moments before the tension. Enter Attila Csihar, Steve Moore, Lasse Marhaug. The tension is realized, and reached.

7. Night On Earth – Second Hand

Transformations of 11 of Thanasis Papakonstantinou’s songs. Their approach speaks in many tongues, and their motto is deconstruction.

8. Religious Knives – Resin

The harsh, unforgiving alter ego of Wooden Shjips. Hypnotic and sublime. The sounds of knives flicking open in the dark.

9. Fuck Buttons – Street Horrrsing

Rituals are meant, after all, to be held with synths, erosion, and a floor tom.

10. Earth – The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull

Melancholy and open space. Add an experience that spans decades. Not-drone, not-blues, not-rock. Only distilled salvation through repetition.

~ by little percussionist derrida on 2009/01/16.

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