Dephosphorus – Night Sky Transform

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The wait is over, “Night Sky Transform” is out now on vinyl format via 7 Degrees Records (myspace – facebook – email: 7degreesrecords {at} gmx {dot} net)!!! We remind you that it is pressed on 180g heavy vinyl, includes a gatefold cover, poster and download code.

We’ll have our copies in about a week from now, and you’ll be able to orderit directly from us on its own or as a bundle with our other vinyls and the new t-shirt that should reach us within the next few days.

The full album is streaming right now at Cvlt Nation, so hurry up and check it out! We’ll start selling the digital version in exactly two days from now, on the 22nd. The starting price will be cheap, so we hope that even if you don’t have a turntable you’ll support us by purchasing it…

Concerning other formats, we count releasing on our own the cassette version of the album. This should happen within the next few months.

A lot of you have been asking about CD versions of both “Axiom” and “N.S.T.”. As we have found 7DR to carry our vinyls (and we are perfectly happy with them!), in the same way we want to find the right label which will take good care of our CD’s. Patience until then!

If you write for a blog, webzine or magazine, please contact our label for any promotional inquiries: 7degreesrecords {at} gmx {dot} net. If you want to feature an interview, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. In any case, all feedback is welcome via email (dephosphorus {at} gmail {dot}) or facebook.

Thanks for your ongoing support and please spread the word. We need as much help as we can get!

Albums we liked circa ’11

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I know, it’s been a long time. But I already served my time as a soldier  in Cyprus and right now I am studying my master program in Sweden, so I have been dealing with a lot of stuff. Dephosphorus have been busy with releases and recordings too. I missed this interaction too much; it doesn’t have that much to do with users and people that will comment what I do. It’s all about myself. I feel good doing this, so if this means that it has to take some time, then shall be it. There is not much free time left but there is a lot of willing. I made a list and fortunately more are about to come soon.

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“Axiom” EP is the first official recording of DEPHOSPHORUS, a greek outfit formed in 2008.

Its seven tracks and the accompanying visuals are fully representative of the band’s intentions – a daring but cohesive concoction of all things intense and aggressive with a cosmic twist.

The band is seeking the appropriate record label to work with, starting with “Axiom” EP and is currently recording their debut full-length album.

Please visit for more information. Hopefully we’ll receive your feedback at

Artwork by Viralgraphics.  Samples here

Lunar Miasma – Three Legged Elephant

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Lunar Miasma – Three Legged Elephant (Stunned Records)

I always liked tapes. When I was young they were all around our house, and there was something magical, almost occult about them. Years passed, but I never stopped using them and even now I enjoy listening to my old collection. Recently, many labels and artists started using this format again, and, nostalgia aside, I think it’s practical also. You can carry it everywhere and there’s a warmth about it. That in mind, you can understand why I was happy when I got my hands on the new (already sold-out) tape of Lunar Miasma, from the fantastic Stunned Records.

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Lunar Miasma – Crystal Covered

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Lunar Miasma – Crystal Covered (Basses Frequences)

These days Panos Alexiadis keeps us vigilant. After a successful introduction with “Mala Aria”, the split release with Gnaw Their Tongues, Mrtyu!, Xela at his own Insult Recordings, “Monophonic Ritual” at Ruralfaune, the majestic “Blackest Haze” at Small Doses and the split with Ondo, the time has finally come for the first full release at Basses Frequences! This huge attempt is most praiseworthy, as the labels I mentioned above have their own importance, regarding the musical space where Lunar Miasma is heading. The most surprising thing though, isn’t that he released his work at those labels, but mainly the fact that with each release there is something transpiring; something really beautiful and balancing.

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Karl Daniel Lidén Interview

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I was blown by the last Switchblade effort and I think it’s already obvious, but I thought in the first place that I had to speak with the man behind the board, Karl Daniel Lidén.
Karl was more than cool to answer my questions and I thank him for that. I also admit that I did not make my homework well before the interview, so that’s the reason you ‘ll read Karl mentioning playing in bands and me not questioning him about that. Shit happens, all the time.

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Tombs interview

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I liked “Winter Hours” so much that from the first time I listened to it and after their haunting show here in Greece some months ago, I was persuaded to have a conversation with Mike Hill, the man behind the spaceship of Tombs. Mike is one of the veterans of the underground hardcore scene, following different paths and achieving new goals, so let’s see what keeps him busy these days.

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Kylesa – Static Tensions

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Kylesa – Static Tensions (Prosthetic)

Kylesa have a very interesting history so far and these last few years they have been progressing swiftly and successfully. The band’s aesthetics with the Pushhead artwork had sucked me in from the get-go, and so had their music. Their first offerings were some of the finest hardcore you could hope to find. Their self-titled debut and the EP’s that followed found them delving into metal territory, with fewer boundaries than before, and this exploration culminated in their album “To Walk A Middle Course” in 2005. The release of “Time Will Fuse Its Worth” one year later will draw even more people into their music, as this particular Georgian band seems passionate and agitated. And this is where we come upon the devastator called “Static Tensions”.

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Switchblade interview circa ’10

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Switchblade interview circa ‘10

Switchblade’s new effort has been one of the best records for the passing year. Here in Stealing the Light, we adore talking with people like Tim, drummer of Switchblade and also the guy responsible for Trust No One Recordings. Tim didn’t have any problem discussing about everything, giving us the opportunity to learn a lot for a variety of things. There are many reasons to read this interview, so feel free to take a read.

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Lunar Miasma/NAΦΘALYN live

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Lunar Miasma/NAΦΘALYN

@ Knot Gallery, Αθήνα
Μιχαλακοπούλου 206 & Πύρρου (εισοδος απο Πύρρου)
πλησιέστερος σταθμός Μετρό: Αμπελόκηποι
Λεωφορεία Α5, Β5 (στάση ΖΑΓΟΡΑ)

Έναρξη 20:30
Είσοδος 5ευρω