Albums we liked circa 08.

01. Leviathan – Massive Conspiracy Against All Life

Wrest is one of a kind. Nobody can really reach his huge achievement right now. He decided to create his best work, We hail.

02. Virus – The Black Flux

More crazy and inspirational than Ved Buens Ende. This dude, Czral, is not only lucky but great composer too. Outstanding.

03. Young Widows – Old Wounds

I still can’t really understand how it is possible to play such intelligent and efficient indie music as these guys do. Turn the page.

04. US Christmas – Eat the Low Dogs

Impressive and sentimental music, full of passion and dignity. The way to undergo the fallen paths.

05. Dead Congregation – Graves of the Archangels

Dark, ultra deep and best death metal we’ve heard so far from Hellas. Supreme release, go get it now.

06. Heavensore – Asmodai

One hell of a debut with huge sound and top live performance. A piece of art of our time. Over.

07. Darkspace – III

Frozen black metal with the addition of excellent atmosphere and coldness. Keyboards and riffs collide.

08. Scott Kelly – The Wake

Acoustic sounds and a pure voice from this god-man. Deep songs with minimal structure. We have a winner.

09. Brethren Of The Free Spirit – All Things Are From Him, Through Him and In Him

James Blackshaw is for me a new guitar magician. Architecture and free spirit. Follow him and you won’t fail.

10. KEN Mode – Mennonite

Canada crazy motherfuckers who play like no tomorrow noise rock and technical shit together. Jesus Lizard couldn’t imagine this thing.

~ by Θ. on 2009/01/16.

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