Lunar Miasma – Mala Aria

Lunar Miasma – Mala Aria (Insult Recordings)

Lunar Miasma is the next step. It grew, and through obsessive thought became action, marking the end of the era of Red Needled Sea (Panos is also playing @ Heavensore). From the last live shows a new-age direction became apparent, which has now become focused and not in the least nervous. And that is, I believe, the bet Lunar Miasma win, since “Mala Aria” doesn’t sound like a clumsy hybrid between new age and ambient. The goal now is split in two: psychedelia and atmosphere. The former is accomplished through the use of analog synths, real time effects processing, Theremin and most of all in the fact that “Mala Aria” is recorded live in its entirety. Play it loud enough and you can see the dude hunched over his synths in front of you. But – the right atmosphere can only be achieved through the right sound quality, and the job he’s done in high frequencies is absolutely professional.

With their debut release, Lunar Miasma take the necessary risks, and prevail over them, crafting a track in 4 parts, building the right bridges from one to another, spreading the layers in the right way so as to achieve the right kind of flow, exactly like it should be in any concept based work. And I believe that’s the case in ambient music: in the right changes that will lead to the desired atmosphere and will thus create psychedelia, accompanied at the same time by the right sound, so as to go there easily and effortlessly. “Mala Aria” will be released through Insult Recordings, the company of Lunar Miasma, which maintains a high quality level in all its releases. The 100 lucky ones who will grab the disc will taste the satisfaction of a completely experimental recording. Hurry.

~ by Θ. on 2009/06/08.

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