Lunar Miasma – Three Legged Elephant

Lunar Miasma – Three Legged Elephant (Stunned Records)

I always liked tapes. When I was young they were all around our house, and there was something magical, almost occult about them. Years passed, but I never stopped using them and even now I enjoy listening to my old collection. Recently, many labels and artists started using this format again, and, nostalgia aside, I think it’s practical also. You can carry it everywhere and there’s a warmth about it. That in mind, you can understand why I was happy when I got my hands on the new (already sold-out) tape of Lunar Miasma, from the fantastic Stunned Records.

This is a truly enviable release. I always thought that Panos’ material will sound better and even more sinister on tape, and I was right. That aside, the material itself is rife with discipline, even more spaced and, most of all, darker. He put out gloomy stuff before, yeah, but this here has a very special aura, and that’s the biggest bonus of “Three Legged Elephant”. Listen to the best track in there, “Owl”. There’s more work now in the sounds, and the sustain is bigger and better. Having listened to all of his previous stuff, this ambient approach, even more so now than before, sounds ideal. More synths that transport you, a good thing, both in theory and in practice. The sound quality is a big plus as always, one Panos’ bigger strengths. All in all, this is a fucking great release, never outstaying its welcome. Good but classic artwork from Stunned, this is an absolutely win-win situation, and the best material from Lunar Miasma to date.

~ by Θ. on 2010/09/02.

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