Kylesa – Static Tensions

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Kylesa – Static Tensions (Prosthetic)

Kylesa have a very interesting history so far and these last few years they have been progressing swiftly and successfully. The band’s aesthetics with the Pushhead artwork had sucked me in from the get-go, and so had their music. Their first offerings were some of the finest hardcore you could hope to find. Their self-titled debut and the EP’s that followed found them delving into metal territory, with fewer boundaries than before, and this exploration culminated in their album “To Walk A Middle Course” in 2005. The release of “Time Will Fuse Its Worth” one year later will draw even more people into their music, as this particular Georgian band seems passionate and agitated. And this is where we come upon the devastator called “Static Tensions”.

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Switchblade interview circa ’10

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Switchblade interview circa ‘10

Switchblade’s new effort has been one of the best records for the passing year. Here in Stealing the Light, we adore talking with people like Tim, drummer of Switchblade and also the guy responsible for Trust No One Recordings. Tim didn’t have any problem discussing about everything, giving us the opportunity to learn a lot for a variety of things. There are many reasons to read this interview, so feel free to take a read.

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Lunar Miasma/NAΦΘALYN live

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Lunar Miasma/NAΦΘALYN

@ Knot Gallery, Αθήνα
Μιχαλακοπούλου 206 & Πύρρου (εισοδος απο Πύρρου)
πλησιέστερος σταθμός Μετρό: Αμπελόκηποι
Λεωφορεία Α5, Β5 (στάση ΖΑΓΟΡΑ)

Έναρξη 20:30
Είσοδος 5ευρω

Switchblade – Switchblade III

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Switchblade – Switchblade III (Trust No One Recordings)

Swedish band Switchblade belongs to the kind that sets the groundwork for something both unique and inspiring: their music is veiled in a hazy, mysterious and awe-inducing atmosphere.

Back in 2003 I was already taken aback by their also self-titled first album and since then I keep my eye on their progress. Their obsession with this stark, minimal approach to music, in paths that bands like Breach had first set, had me orbiting around them. The transformation in their two-track, awesome 2006 release, that included even darker and melancholic melodies, while limiting the speed to doom-metal levels, showed that these guys had a lot more to say. And so it happened. Nobody could predict the road they’d take and, myself, I don’t know where to start. This is going to be a challenging task, just like Switchblade’s latest offering.

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Albums we liked circa ’09 pt. II.

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i. Black To Comm – Alphabet 1968

Droning ambience. No edges or blisters here, only a Sylvain Chauveau kind-of light and a rare fragility.

ii. Monolake – Silence

Techno and Dub distilled into a minimal, sublime and discreet masterpiece.

iii. Vic Chesnutt – At The Cut

The bodycount has reached number 2 for this year’s top 10. Jack Rose in Thanos’ list, now Vic Chesnutt, who just before commiting suicide released one of the most bleak and unnerving records ever to be dubbed “folk” or “indie”.

iv. Heroin And Your Veins – Nausea

The underbelly of garage, surf, rockabilly is where HAYV choose to position themselves to grab the right mood, the exact moment the needle breaks the skin and the razor finds the throat.

v. Sylvester Anfang II – ST

Sylvester Anfang proudly fill a position generally reserved for Circle, in terms of modern krautrock and psychedelia. Less freak-folk, less acid, more motorik, more blissed-out repetition, a name that pays tribute to Amon Duul II but music that gestures to Can and Faust, these guys know the history, know the tricks, and most importantly, how to still sound original.

vi. Radian – Chimeric

Surgeons with guitars, laptops and a drumkit operate on the worm-riddled corpse of post rock. They cut through bone with glitch, they clear arteries with ambience, they give the heart a polyrhythmic beat, and something new altogether emerges from the mouth.

vii. The Thing – Bag It!

Imagine one of the most furious and innovative free-jazz trios of our time produced by Steve Albini. Enough said (except that the opening track is completely jaw-dropping.)

viii. SUNN – Monoliths & Dimensions

After an already stunning live album aptly titled Domkirke, O’Malley and Anderson join forces with an orchestra and a choir, and prove that, well, nobody can do it as well as they can. (Highlight: the closing track, Alice, a haunting tribute to the late wife of John Coltrane.)

ix. Converge – Axe To Fall

The natural continuation of the direction the band follows since their previous release, No Heroes,  with an array of collaborations which include none other than the master Steve Von Till himself, Converge create an album as aggressive as it is atmospheric. Stark contrast between opener Dark Horse which nods to their strictly hardcore punk roots and closer Wretched World, a move into post-metal territory in the vein of the title track from Jane Doe and Grim Heart/Black Rose from No Heroes.

x. Defeater – Travels

A concept album by a hardcore band? As easily as this could turn out a joke, Defeater are uncompromised and painfully emotional. To quote VNV Nation, they are in a mood of “total war”, a war with the outside world as well as a blistering internal conflict.

Albums we liked circa ’09.

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01.  Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Agorapocalypse

This is the new shit! A.N.  have made me bang my head this year like a teenager who listens for the first time to “Reign in Blood”. Full respect to Scott Hull for this astounding piece of art.

02. Switchblade – ST

Swedes did it again. This time even more dark and heavy. What’s next? I really can’t imagine. But i know these dudes do imagine. Hands down for this one.

03. Converge – Axe to Fall

This record has the ultimate energy and the necessary atmosphere in order to be in my top 3 of this year. I enjoyed the new material along with the collaborations and all i can say is that Converge can always produce top notch songs. Accept it.

04. HKY  – HKY

HKY is for me the ultimate surprise for this year. I couldn’t imagine that French can play such heavy music and produce such a unique atmosphere. These guys know exactly what to do and we are all about it!

05. Tombs – Winter Hours

Man, Mike Hill is the man! Winter Hours is a nasty, black, terrifying record; their live performance is outstanding and all I pray for is their next record to have more black metal influences/presence than ever. Amen

06. Kylesa – Static Tensions

This is a band that I really admire . The drum duo just slays and the rest of the band plays hell on their tracks. Don’t know what to say but I’ll tell the truth: heavy music needs Kylesa! Killer album.

07. Gaza – He Is Never Coming Back

Gaza plays the modern hardcore music with fury, fantasy, technicality and with the necessary essence of ultra dark atmosphere. Outsiders or not, Gaza needs our attention and not only.

08. Magrudergrind – Magrudergrind

As a fan of grindcore music I could not forget Magrudergrind’s new effort. These dudes know how to play and believe me, this is not a blindman’s buff. This is as dangerous as it should be.

09. Natural Snow Buildings – Shadow Kingdom

One of the best records ever for me. NSB are from another universe, let’s face it. But first, we have to accept that this thing is absolutely their thing. I totally support them. You should too.

10. Jack Rose – The Black Dirt Sessions

Last but not least, one guitar player whose heart will be in our guitars forever.  Listen to this man for a last time; it’s such a heavy emotion. Let’s hope he is somewhere better. We’ll miss him.


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